Dub tech house tracks


I cant find any recent dub tech house artists up on yt…

Its all 2 3hr mixes…i cant sit through that need some bangers in the form of individual tracks.

Any recommendations…thanks in advance.


What is dub ? Is it like reggae


Yea I have to concur with @st3aLth not sure I know what Dub Tech House is? Ive heard dubby house and Dub Techno but this is a new one for me : )


I thought that techno and house have been combined into one genre


Got any decent dub techno or dub house tracks???


I mean…you arent wrong IMO…techno got more melodic and house got more not-melodic…

Ill dig deeper if you are familiar, but Basic Channel is my go to proper Dub Techno group!


(Also, if you care, the perfect examples of Tech House is either Desert Hearts or Dirty Bird, both are record labels)


I tried making some dub tech house…

It came out as edm glitch dance tune…

Ill probably be making more tracks around what my idea of dub tech house is…

So far it sounds like badly mixed complextro.

Lol oh well. You be the judge…the track is up in the lb.


I googled what is dub because of this thread
Now i know what dub is


Personally, I think everyone into electronic music should learn about Dub Reggae as it is one of the origins of electronic music and Hip Hop/Rap.


Being that i suck at mixing…

Im gonna invent a new tech-house genre…

Its basically just gonna be complextro type bass wubs with a tech house beat and no other elements.

I think ill call it complex dub tech-house…



I am so down w this…

Brostep but 4 to the Floor so I can dance to it after a few cocktails (I know most dubstep is actually 4/4 time lol)