Discuss and share drumming exercises/concepts/videos and geek off about 5 over 4 polyrhythmy
because electronic music is all drums

I’m watching those videos from the 70’s about West african drumming concepts. This teacher blows my mind how he’s able to hear and count aloud all those different rhythms while keeping the clave going. Mind opening.

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in my opinion, it is easy to make this polymer and polyrhythm in a piano roll by stretching the notes.

But the guys still sound cool.

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I had some really bad djembe blues the other day. The one I had gotten for a few gigs years ago ended up spontaneously splitting its own skin in half, and eventually I ended up having to sell it. The thing was beautiful, and the $99 I spent on it was one of the best bargains I’ve ever found.

Drumming is my first love and and probably still the most persistent one. Everyone should try it.

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Drumming is Spiritual… I’ve been focusing more on them lately… they are so much about color and texture… you have to relax to get a groove going. They teach those simple lessons… listen… relax… enjoy :blush: