Does anyone use their Daw's rewire feature?

Are you able to you use rewire in your daw?

If so what are your experiences with it if you use it at all…I tried the rewire feature in FL studii when I had reason, but reason was just another daw that I didnt have time to learn so I stuck with fl…
I liked reasons thor synth but for me fl was just a better fit. Maybe I could use rewire to combine fl studio with renoise.

But back on topic just curious if anyone uses rewire to combine daw features…

I know this might use a lot of cpu…

Just curious.

WAAAAAAAY back in the day I used to rewire Reason into Cubase (think 2000 or so) because my computer wasn’t beefy enough to run multiple VST instruments at once and Reason, then being a closed system was very efficient.

I’d write in Reason and then use Rewire to track into Cubase and do my final mix down there as it had more sophisticated mix tools at the time.

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Same as chase, I used to rewire reason into ableton live. I used the sequencer in live to control Reason rack synths. But now reason works as a plugin and rewire was annoying so no need anymore imo.

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I did use the ReWire protocole for years until Live came with its new Link function & bugged it all …
Live & Reason = i used it all the time = not anymore since the Link option.
Now Reason has the DAW plugin option which is killer really.
Today i only use ReWire in Protools.
I ReWire Live inside Protools.
& i also ReWire Renoise in Live.

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That’s funny, Ive thought about buying Reason to rewire into FL for the synths.

I really can’t imagine the advantage as far as running one DAW inside another.

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An example :
The sequencer of Protools is a nightmare comparing with Ableton Live sequencing option.
The modularity of Reason within Live is just a great sound design tool.
The tracker of Renoise added with the session view of Live 10 is a must.
Rewire Live inside the mixing environment of Protools also …
& so on … i mean, every DAW has an option that the other doesn’t have …

& imagine, the different time signatures of each independent DAW mixed together … & i’m not talking about the tempo modulations of each DAW … you can get some crazy stuff …

You can get many different sound design options :

Or sequencing options too :

& i don’t really know why, but when i rewire stuff, it’s really light on my CPU.
In this project for instance, Renoise has 20 - 30 track - sent inside Live ( no matter the number of INS in Live )
& in Protools it’s even lighter …
For me it’s a great add-on to either one or the other DAW.

Reason is a plug-in now so no need to rewire anymore. You should still check it out

You aren’t wrong at all. I guess it is more that I am pretty much 90% happy w my daw and what I don’t like wouldn’t be solved by rewiring another daw.

@jbvdb493 interesting! Ill have a peep.

Hi I’m a Reason freakazoid, can you say a little bit more about how it works well as a VST inside Live? I’ve never ventured far from Reason audio wise as I just don’t need to but I am certainly curious…

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& it runs smoothly in any daw.

it’s that simple : drag & drop reason on any midi track … it’s smooth, not cpu hungry since the last update, i just use it all the time now …
since you share the VST library with the DAW itself, the reason rack contains :

all the built in devices
the reason studio instruments ( 2020 version suite )
all your Rack extensions

same as the instruments


it also has the MIDI in & out … capture all the midi datas dead easy …

& the free Audio routing … to mix the audio with your favourite FX plugins …

In this example i use the Reason rack as a Midi player.
& an other Rack with a huge amount of instrument devices that receives all the midi datas.
& look … i only peak the cpu @ 25% …

Reason Rack inside Live & or Protools = you can’t go wrong.


I bet with midi in and out enabled you could probably capture that data easier than you can in Reason itself as there is a small yet uncool workaround to get that data to track, I wish it was a lot easier as I would use it more.

PX7 is probably weighing you down more than anything, if you kept to the more original devices up to Thor and possibly Europa, I imagine you could go real far CPU wise.

Good response, thanks :slight_smile:

it’s not too hard in Reason neither, but i prefer the GUI of Live.

true & in live it’s much faster to capture midi

not that much actually … the most demanding on my system is Parsec 2 : 8 - 10 notes polyphony kills my cpu …
but that’s only because of my old cpu because Reason is one of the most stable DAW i’ve ever used.

Many, many, many moons ago I used to rewire Rebirth 2 into Cubase VST 5.1. I got my 808/909 fix using Rebirth and would create the rest of the composition with VST’s. When I first got into using FL Studio, I tried doing the same thing but didn’t really like using FL through Cubase like that. Can’t remember exactly what it was but it was weird compared to using it standalone.

i used rebirth i was in high school in 97 :joy: so many moons ago you’re right :rofl: