Do you want to learn to mix?

A few of us are trying something new, in which we will learn about mixing together, using the same material at the same time so we can better learn from each other’s mistakes and what not.

You will need a Facebook account as it’s happening in a Facebook group.

It’s a great opportunity that I myself will be taking advantage of, it would be great to get a few more people on board to better help each other. We could even progress to mastering if it goes well.

Here is a video explaining things, feel free to message me or comment here, or just join the group, cheers!

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I go by numbers and visual parametric eq…

My most frequent problem is frequency overlap.

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I still do not understand why certain frequencies are cut and others are not and how much can overlap and the how and why to it all.

I’m ready to learn about this now and there is an opportunity to be taught one on one with a great teacher. It’s not open forever, this is a limited opportunity for a few keen people. Hope to see you there.

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