Do you have old movies on TV on the holidays?


Do you have old movies on TV during the holidays, New Year or Christmas? It’s just that every year they show us films that are already 50 years old. They are considered classics of Russian cinema, and there are about 5 such films, and they are shown every year. I just wanted to ask.

I just think that movies that are 50 years old are not shown on TV in the USA (every year and so that everyone knows them, they are shown 1000 times)


Here in the USA every Christmas there is one tv channel that plays this movie from 1983 called A Christmas Story. On repeat, all day!!

Also, on New Year’s they have The Twilight Zone marathon which originally aired in the early 1960s, they play it for about 2 or 3 days. I must admit, I watch it every year. I’ve loved that show since I was a kid.