Do you have any good techno featuring TR 606?


I’d love to hear some.


Was/is the 606 widely used in Techno? I’m more familiar with the Detroit style rather than European : ) If I’m honest, I’m not very good at recognizing classic drum machine sounds by ear in fully produced songs.


I’ve done one song that’s IDM and prominently features the 606 for the first half. I can link that when I get home if you’d like.


I’m not sure, that’s why I am consulting you guys! I really like the sound of the machine and it’s more laid back and mellow sounding than the other TR’s so it should work for the type of techno I like.


Yes, please share it with me.



If I come across any Ill let you know. Might have to load up the 606 kit in the TR8S and have a go myself. I defo like the 606 sound.


Maybe there’s a hole in the market for 606 techno :grinning: Let me know if you create something cool.


What a nice track! Would’ve never guessed it was 606 actually.


Ill probably post something here eventually. Forgot the 606 kick has that nice round sine wave bottom end if you open up the decay. Snare is lovely as well.

Great thread. Defo be using more 606 in the near future.


The author of this article compiled a playlist of classic tracks prominently featuring the 606. The player doesn’t work for me for some reson, but it’s easy enough to find the tracks elsewhere:


Ah, what an excellent resource. Cool stuff, thanks!