[DNB/Experimental] Metaside - Indv193gence


Ho ho ho, I made some music with a visualization. This was originally submitted for the latest IDMf compi. Hope you enjoy!

With visuals:

Music only:


I must say it was very cool to listening. Also i wanted it to be more heavy on drums but drums are awesome.


Thank you very much for listening and the feedback! I see where you are coming from with the heavier drums! :smiley: I also think I completely forgot to master this one since it was an unmastered sub for the IDMf compi originally lol… Well, too late, at least it’s not getting turned down in volume on the streaming sites because of crazy LUFS levels this time :laughing:


Very nice track! Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for listening and the feedback! :smiley:


Uploaded a mastered version to Bandcamp:


Top tier dnb…

Everything is absolutely wonderful…

This is perfection.


If you ever decide to remix this and make a more bass heavy version…that would be pretty cool…:slightly_smiling_face:

And im talking filthy growly reece bass glitch wubs…using envelopes to create a custom wub gate sequence…and slightly glitching those envelopes…

And Sidechain the resulting bass sequence to the main kick/snare accent that youve got going. Not talking about the drum fill rhythym

But this is already perfect and adding such a bass might probably make it a bit standard…lol


Love all the layering and gating.

Superbly done, @metaside!



Thank you both very much @bfk and @morphic, glad you like it! :pray:

I think it’s a great idea to change the bass @bfk , already got another comment saying something similar… I don’t think I will rework it, at least not at the moment, but if you want to give it a go, I can send you stems, would love to listen to what you come up with! :raised_hands: