DJ Shadow... Discuss


A bit of details? Maybe some context instead of just a link?

Not discussing that much today but…

He is the shit. /thread.

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OK so no idea why my phone decided to delete the context when posting.
Must happen to hit k this track last night.
DJ Shadow always been on my mental radar with tracks for over 20 years now.
Great to hear some new material and the rapping in this is imho sublime.
Have a listen.

I liked his latest album too. I’m curious abot the new one but I’m not fan of the new songs. I hope the album will be good overall.

Trip hop ambient chill out breakbeat electronica before it was common the cool part is debateable…I guess we’ve finally moved on from farting dragon transformer basslines…what is the new frontier I dont know…but he carved out his own foothold so props

Endtroducing and Psyence Fiction are absolute masterpieces and I spent a lot of evenings in the late 90s/early 2Ks listening to them both. But with Private Press, even though there were some cool tracks, things started going downhill real fast. Nothing after that did a thing for me. One of the great downfalls…

Private was a good album overall but The Outsider and Less You Know is Better had good songs too but I can’t like the whole albums.

The guy can release pretty much whatever crap he wants or needs to and it won’t really diminish the fact that he released Entroducing which is still one of the most amazing sampled based album ever created. Agreed with the sentiments that PP had some stinkers on it … after that it had definitely lost all of that early magic… never understood what happend

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I;ve finally crunched some time to make a listen to the new album. First 3 tracks could do with being binned imho, but I get some people might like the noise?!!
Track 4 starts to pick up. I like a lot of the vocals and the lead track is Urgent, Important, Please Read is in my opinion the best on it. A little dissapointed, not a classic, but worth a listen.
Maybe its a grower, but not on my goto list. Personally swinging more over to DJ Foods material.

Aceeeed :wink: I like my acid laid back, floaty and transcending.

I love the guy, Endtroducing is a favorite of mine.

You gotta respect someone who goes spelunking for old, obscure hip-hop records and then fires up samplers to make great music with them. Sample-based music at its best.

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Bought “What Does Your Soul Look Like” on Mo’wax in 1994 and was totally inspired…

Entroducing in 1996 was a landmark album, i have the gate fold vinyl and Promo CD.

Bought just about everything he released or remixed back in the 90’s.

At the time there was also some good stuff released by DJ Cam, DJ Krush, there was this guy called DJ Crystl who released some good shadow vibed tracks bridging between hiphop and jungle , i was making some great mixes on cassette back then.