Discord Access


So as people are probably realising, over the last few days we’ve had to tighten access to IDMf Discord significantly. This is primarily because IO_Madness was banned and then started using every trick in the book to regain access to continue his toxic behaviour.

Essentially for the moment there is no access to new users but if someone on the forum wants in, a mod can set up an invitation to Discord for them. For the time being this is the best method to control access in the face of someone who has actively tried to damage the community.

We will be revisiting the invitation method and welcome opinions on the best way to handle it. I have been staying off 2FA if I can avoid it as it introduces complexity I’m trying to avoid. If needed though we can go there but like all methods it is not foolproof.


im so out of the loop here, what happened?


@7asid ^^^^^ : ) Someone is/was acting like a toddler.


Yeah. I’m noticed that he is too pissed dunno why. He is like this place is dead etc . LUL


So yeah, I can has access? Who do I message?



And as we’ve said, apologies that we have to do things this way for the moment : (