Discord 3.0


Been vaguely following this topic, and got and idea I think might interest some of you for the discord thingy, and it’s one of the ways where discord comes in very handy.

How about a weekly/bi-weekly live show, where members submit their latest projects for constructive criticism and feedback, and get some ideas on how their tracks could be improved, maybe even set up a voting system for the best entries, and figure out a way to release them somehow as an album or EP…

All it would take is someone to volunteer for a DJing role, play/pause tracks and organizing the live show, it doesn’t have to be one person for the whole duration of the show, role could be assumed by anyone who is available and has a mic. The others could use either voice or chat to communicate, doesn’t matter as long as the show is going on.

I’m pretty sure this is not an original idea by any means, but it is one that I think might get things animated in the discord for a start. People love to have their music heard by others so this is a perfect setup to make it happen. It might even bring some new bloods if the event is properly shared across other SM platforms. All it would take is that we agree on a time that is convenient for the majority of us, and keep it rolling from there. What do you guys make of this?


It did, only Qianta was there and he put an order for that synth afterwards…

I would need a better camera and Discord doesn’t have an option to mirror the camera which is annoying, but as long as you’re happy with 128 kps mono sound all is well.


We have indeed tried this in various forms throughout the years. It’s not anything that really took off and lasted long term on the forum. Mainly because people get fired up about this stuff then realize it takes actual work and commitment. Once they realize that typically it’s only been a matter of time until the thing stops being made.

But that’s not to say something like this wouldn’t work now, over on discord. It’s just that 9 times out of 10 people get more fired up about an idea than they do about executing it or participating.


I see your point, but I would argue that part of what made it fail in the past is the format of the forum. not being able to react in real-time makes it so that people lose interest over time. On discord however, I imagine people wouldn’t mind gathering in a discord room in a late Saturday evening for example, and just listening to each others’ jams and thrashing or appreciating them. the thing could have a start date and just keep on rolling until no one is left in the room. I think it might be at least worth a try.


Maybe just keep it casual/low expectations for now to get a better feel for interest and test out the platform?

The one piece of feedback I’d give is that I am much more likely to be able to listen in if there i’s a regular schedule or at least if the stream gets on the calendar a few days in advance. Otherwise really is a bit of a crap shoot for whether I’m gonna free and be near a computer when the stream is live.


I was actually coming here to propose that.
If anyone wants to do anything can you contact me so I can collect and distribute a plan? We might even use some label money to give the server a boost and get some better video quality, as some suggested


Is it also possible to stream something pre-recorded? I know that isn’t as much fun but it might help us broadcast more regularly if people know they can record something and send it to someone? Frankly I am a bit of a mess from staying at home, teaching online, etc. I don’t feel like I can commit to something that has to be real time at the moment mental health wise. And, as a practical matter, I can’t even use video in Microsoft Teams because our internet connection is so bad these days.

I am trying to participate and be a good admin lol

And I am actually working on something that might be hard to find a home for as it is a remix of a pretty well known song so maybe broadcasting the performance as a one off is a way to go.


Yeah, the live stream section you’re basically just sharing your screen so whatever you put on, is what’s gonna show up, be it live or a youtube clip or what have you.


Good to know! I kinda of figured it was possible.


But there’s plenty of useable apps


OuterSpace did you set the other one up? If you need help, you might find somebody in the discord server that knows about it :wink:


I posted a sample pack over on Discord, 34 FM one shot basses, free to go to a good home.