Discord 3.0


I’ll try a live stream on Discord at 4 pm gmt today, the plan is to build a patch live on the OpSix, but it’s mostly a tech test


I am officially calling a cease fire. I agree nay-saying the form isn’t helping matters but it has been called plenty of times in this thread and I haven’t seen it go any further than it has gone.


If we could manage to pull together all these little things we are all mentioning I’m sure it would go a long way in pumping up the life blood of the forum/discord/label.


so far the activity on discord has been surprisingly robust! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

good job dudes for gettin’ some channel functions and topics in order, looks good. :beers:


I really like what I see on the discord too, lots of new channels that make sense and lots of friendly chatting!


The first live stream went quite well, apart from the flipped camera. Audio quality of 128k was ok for what it was.
Will defo do more and happy to help other people with it


you know, that could be a cool thing: “Hey I got this new synth/pedal/succulent , let’s have a live session and I can live fiddle, you can ask me to do stuff” It might help some folks make purchasing decisions, or learn certain techniques with their existing equipment.


As long as no one does an unboxing video of a USB hub.


Whadda you got against USB hubs???

I guess you’re also going to shoot down my 7-part in depth series of unboxing and testing audiophile cables (the really good $100+ ones, you gotta hear 'em)? This place isn’t going to survive if you continue to put the kibosh on quality content that the community needs to see.

Seriously though, the “help my play with my new toy” livestream is a great idea.


I don’t know who they are but somebody’s doing a livestream of Voltage Modular at 7 pm gmt (in half hour)


I think I’d rather be stretched with a medieval torture device :sweat_smile:

The USB hub unboxing video was a thing from long ago. An admin got into it w the user who posted it over whether it was worthy of posting or not. Admin ended up temp banning the user as a joke by the end.

I saw a guy using a RD8 w a TD3. He would use the random pattern button on the TD3 and do an acid jam based on whatever happened. Maybe I can do that sometime on Discord.


What room is the live stuff in? I was able to find the link :slight_smile:


Let’s just forget about Discord and switch to Matrix instead. We need to stop letting all these shitty centralized services control everything. The internet is centralized enough as it is with social media.


Aight set it up, we’ll meet you there


Oh yeah, the one everyone uses :slight_smile:


Calling another cease fire. I think we all expect a good natured ribbing on IDMf once in a while but I also just have nightmares of past discussions that broke down into everyone just flinging fuck words at each other : )

Maybe this Matrix thing is worth looking at. I don’t disagree with OuterSpace on principle but I also agree with xSantaxDurstx that there is something to be said for using a more familiar platform.

Is this it? https://matrix.org/

At first glance it looks like we would have to develop/program something on our own? Because that is not my forte.


I don’t think it’ll do much for you. It’s like asking what synth someone should get and telling them they should use MIDI. It’s an API/communications standard, not a platform. It doesn’t do anything unless you develop a an app around it (Matrix has an app called Element, but I have no idea how it works). It’s something that a next generation of platforms might get built on if people pick up on it, not something you download and use.

What it wants to do in a nutshell is allow someone on Teams to chat with someone on Discord with someone on Zoom, etc. It’s also not decentralized as in doing away with the client/server model as it t still requires a ‘Matrix homeserver’ to be the intermediary between those. Decentralized in terms of clients, not servers. There is a Discord bridge that you could use to tie into a Matrix server and allow people in other chat programs to chat on the Discord and visa versa. Neat idea, not sure what would be involved.

I think Discord is the right approach because it has a large userbase and feature set that does what IDMF needs it to do. Specifically, there’s a lot of young people interested in music that already have Discord installed and know how it works, and aren’t afraid to spend time on it. If moving platforms is a fishing expedition, you need to bring the right bait.


I kind of suspected it would take a lot of development on our part. I immediately glazed over looking at their homepage thinking “no way this is going to work for us”.

That IS a cool concept–letting people between platforms communicate.


The idea does sound interesting, but consider why people choose certain platforms, such as Teams, or Discord, or Teamspeak. it is the features that differentiate these services that make them popular. Dumbing that down to a universally usable standard, and it will all start to look like SMS or Email. That Matrix thing does look interesting as a platform though, if some enterprising company runs with it and makes a usable app.


Did this happen? Curious to see and hear the workflow.