Discontinued Software Wot I Want to Buy or Trade

Here’s a thread where we could sell/trade old software we don’t use, if anybody’s interested.

Let’s face it I don’t expect a huge audience here. Eh. I have some old ones myself that I don’t use anymore, mostly in boxes somewhere in the closet.

Would anybody have this one - boxed? I’d be interested in buying it.

I’m not interested in the software-only version because reasons.


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ZETA was my first 3rd party synth <3

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The first boxed synth I bought was Rapture :wink:

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I bought that one not too long ago, as I had a good promo for it. Sounds great but a bit limited because you can’t tweak the presets much unless you have the actual synths (bought separately or in their vintage vault or whatever it’s called).

Edit: Will delete when I am able to.