Digitone owners?

Hey! Anyone owning a Digitone here? I’m considering buying one, but would appreciate your opinion first. Is it worth it? Is it good for chillout ambient pads? :wink:

I’m going to:

  • dig into FM synthesis more and learn
  • use it in different productions, with a heavy focus on ambient type of stuff
  • explore


To answer is it worth it, is difficult for me to do for someone else, as people disposable incomes vary and what not.

But Ill try and answer some of your question and give some of my thoughts. Firstly your second question first. FM synthesis is probably more famous for being an upfront, more abrasive sound rather than what you typically might associate with chillout or ambient, but the beauty of its implementation in the digitone, and through your on programing with the use of filtering and FX, in my opinion the digitone has no issues creating those type of pad sounds. In fact using the sequencer and plocks in subtle ways can help produce nice evolving pads sounds, not to mention using the LFOs + envelops per track.

Was it worth it for me?.. probably not so far, because I’ve not used it as much as I should have, But this is on me, rather than on the synth, I just have found lately I’ve reached out to my more knob per function synths. When I have used it Ive loved it.

Would I sell it? no way, for me and the money I would make back would not really be enough to fund much of anything else I have my eye on, plus there are pieces in my studio that I use far less, and I’m not really inclined to go use again, these would go first. I am definitely intending on using it again in my next track (a decision made whilst writing this response).

Not sure if any of that is helpful, just my experience so far, but like I said my experience is not over yet, its still going


Thanks a lot for your opinion - it does help, especially the part about ambient sounds (that are quite important to me when making a choice).

@RFJ ?


Good for ambient chill out Pads?
Worth it?
Easy to use?

I’ve had two since they came out. The Elektron small format black boxes are the shit. Factor in Overbridge and you have a synth with a feature set that is unmatched at the price point.

It sounds just wonderful and the onboard efx aren’t an afterthought either, they’re great. Just buy one used. If you dont like it, sell it. No harm no foul.

Edit: have a look on instagram at #digitone and be amazed at what people are doing with it for ambient stuff. It’s really a powerhouse in that regard.


Thanks a lot!

Well, I guess you both have just sold this thing to me.

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