Difference (L-R) artifacts

When i minus left and right i hear my song

but when i L-R another artist (pro) track i hear weird artifacts. it is phase issues because of recording ? Of course I can attach an example. But who knows knows what I’m talking about, probably. some weird noises.

Check this video. I jump to another track to mine to another. When i’m on another track you hear that weird noise, when i’m on my track i hear my song.

I listen to Sides signal.

. I think i get it right now. You need to simulate that stereo no matter if that recording or not. You not worry.But if I’m wrong correct me

Read that MAAT plugin manual. Diff shows difference between L/R channels. Your tracks seem like they’re in mono or you reduced the width quite a lot for some unknown reason, idk. So it doesn’t do anything while other tracks you reference are stereo mixes and Diff button does its work.

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