DID YOU KNOW? Music edition


Since it would be entirely difficult to float a trivia thingy…maybe we do. Fun fact/did you know, non-question and answer thread.

So yea…this might be derp with the ease of Google but if nothing else, may be interesting to read over.


There aren’t any. Just state some neat stuff you’ve come across. Whatever it happens to be.

I’ll start…

What artist created a track by the name of Alberto Balsam?

K, go…

I’ll be honest, it rings a bell but I can’t answer without google as I lack proper electronic music education, so I’'ll go for Richie D (James) but somehow I feel like I should have said venetian Snares…

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Post answer Google confirms I was right, so my turn and taking it up a notch:

Which 00 Idm/glitch duo used to hang out on IDMf and even made a tutorial?
(Note: only one member of that duo was on here, not both).

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Telefon Tel Aviv?


Indeed, but let’s leave the next trivia to someone else.

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I’ll keep it IDMF related.

What old member of IDMF posted a semi-nude of himself riding a bicycle in someone’s house. Teehee

What made it a semi-nude? It was a nude wasn’t it?

They were naked but the bits were hidden.

benwaa :see_no_evil:
I didn’t know it was in someone else’s house. Was it an idmf user too?

I have no idea. It was just in someone’s, maybe his, house.

Fire away good sir.

which pop song mashes surprisingly well with Nine Inch Nail’s “Head like a Hole” ?

looks like I ruined it

Ruined what? That would be the answer, yea. But I’d have never guessed it. :grin:

Ask another one. The thread can sit. It’s for shits and giggles.

And by the way, it does unfortunately sound like it works. :laughing:

Which breakcore artist used to make music under the name Doc Colibri ?

it was ruby my dear
pretty famous you know he made a collab ep with igorrr a couple of years ago

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Updated op. If you have some neat trivia about someone or something, just throw it out. No need to question / answer.

Fun idea :slight_smile:

What long time IDMf artist releases music under the new moniker “mnemosyne”?

Tip- he didn’t rejoin after the crash

Now it’s an attempt to just state trivia, people can read over. Instead of trying to do a bar room trivia thingy…

But it’s Anodyne Industries, I believe. :grin:

Re-edited op to translate.