[Detroit House] James Pingel - Derandomized Number Generation


I woke up this week and realized I haven’t put out anything in 3 months, and this song isn’t going to have anything else done to it (I actually sent it off for promo and never heard back, bummer I guess, I used to at least get a “no” from the house channels I normally reach out to). Anyways, it’s just out now.


Nice track bro) I liked 1 bar loop with that synths/sound. You can make it ever shorter like 1/2 bar :smiley:
For real it is good work.


I think it really just needs a good mix and more EQ effects on a few of the percussion elements as well as more stereo imaging stuff. If you DM me the stems ill take a shot at showing you what i mean.


I think it’s pretty good. I can’t say much about the eq or mastering because I’m listening on my phone, but one thing I will critique is the arrangement. I would say the track has a good foundation, but could benefit from adding more into it…perhaps adding a few one shot vocal samples with some delay on them, or adding a few more synth melodies, maybe some more fx? That’s my 2 cents