Designer ideologies...the new idk


Come see what ideologies are in and out of fashion this season…and see whats the new sensation…

Making a comeback is retro marx with a twist of antitechno-human integrationism.

The hot new manifesto was posted on reddit…its a hot take on trickle down economics and the benefits of deregulated capitalism.

I hate to say it to all independent free thinkers gotta get with the times…logical fallacies are no longer in fashion…what is in …pure conjecture with cherry picked evidence.

A hot new take on conservatism…12 arguments that outline how to keep freedom from becoming extinct …sponsored by subway sandwhiches have it your way…eat fresh!!!

Cant forget this one… left handed liberalism the pimp hand for liberals when the rest of the liberals need to be kept in line…must pay half your income for standard membership…to become a premium member you have to reenact the trial of monica lewinsky by roleplaying as monica lewinsky.

Yea i was so bored…i decided to make this shit thread about designer ideologies…

My inspiration came from my watching a 2011 jon stewart interview with chris wallace on fox news via youtube.

I could of tried harder to be funny…but im not that funny shrug…


I thought this thread is about how to get high with ideas. Like if you combine a bowl of Marxist sentences with a sprinkle of anarchocapitalism and three spoons of social-democratic welfare support, you completely f*** up your brain / enhance your thinking to the max or whatever…

Also, I heard Jon Stewart is thinking about running for some political position? That would be interesting to say the least…


Getting high with thoughts thats the philosophy thread.


I saw the jon stewart interview and was going to make a thread about that but i decided not to rehash the political shitpost thread that almost killed the forum…hence this nonsense thread…

I wish i was well versed in anarchocapitilism marx and social welfare to come up with an abstract…tbh…

This thread is more my reaction to sensationalism and designed ideologies that perpetuate agendas as jon stewart would put it…

Jon stewart for office he would have my vote.


Hah, right, haven’t read that one in a while, I should come back to it :smiley:

I have to confess that I really like the idea, but I guess he would become less entertaining fast… and age quickly lol…


Even though I agree that this idea of designer ideologies is absolutely our reality, still sounds like a great major plot point in a Philip K. Dick or cyberpunk style science fiction story. You’d have to amp it up quite a bit though as people are already literally wearing their ideologies as a fashion statement.


I guess that would read like a combination of 1984, A brave new world, mixed together with a gang novel and a spy novel


Not to shit on what people believe in but tbh most of these designer ideologies have become so far removed from actual concrete issues that most of the ideologies have become a characture of themselves perpetuated by fools with no sense of purpose other than to jump on a bandwagon.

And some of the ideologies have no other purpose other than to make people feel good and make them feel like they fit in with the crowd as opposed to bringing about actual change.

So yeah things get twisted and lose their original sense of purpose.


Designer ideologies the phillip k dick scifi novel…

The corporation marketing government conglomerate assign people a definition of their identities at random every ten years via issuing a govt id…their id number determines what groups they could be apart of… only the priveledged few can change their identity or keep their identity but only if they have the resources and connections.

The others who subject to the system pay to play by using their id card to participate in society…every choice they make is used by the system to progress the individual to belonging to certain groups. If they buy a camo t shirt that says freedom at the gap based on that choice they will be subliminally advertised conservative propaganda through their social media accounts…if they buy a tie dye t shirt with the peace sign same thing but with liberal subliminally advertised propaganda…

Subliminal propaganda advertising based on purchases and liked content is the first stage of indoctrination of the masses…

The second stage is pavlovian social conditioning to further force people into different tribes…

The third stage occurs when the individual is broken by society and a lifeline is thrown by a particular group in the form of acceptance and percieved similarities…

After the indoctrination they become part of the herd which recieves info on the latest group trends…that they should follow…in order to be apart of the group as they earn their way in the individual can gain more influence and become a trend setter for the group.

Then the groups compete annually in some sort of hunger games type thing which also serves to set the ideological trends for the respective groups.

Theres the tribes…the elite tribal leaders…the goverment marketing corporation complex…and all the societal outcasts and rejects…

Idk…i tried.


I like the idea. Could be an interesting story background. One might argue that the randomization should promote some form of mutual understanding. But would it actually make a difference?


On a sidenote, I have been thinking for some time about the idea that randomized distribution of political power might be an interesting approach to combat systematic corruption… Like having big pools of people with interest in certain subjects and maybe getting some form of education on the subject, and then randomized selection for positions and short periods in power on top of that, and maybe some sharing of power between multiple random picks and some democratic aspects for final selection. With pools so big that forms of preparative corruption do not make a lot of sense.


Sounds like someone would get assassinated (perhaps Ceasar style?).


There might be some rough edges until the reeduc… uhhh I mean until general kindness and understanding are spreading…


I know…OT…but…I love B5, currently rewatching it and that is probably one of the best not-primary-story-arch episodes in the series.

And, boy, you’ve got the gears in my short story writing brain churning…


I identify as a post neo lib anti pro conservacratican that is moderately progressive on fiscal compassionism towards anti rhetoric based on logicalism and dichotomous moderate progressive values of analytical practicalism.

Lol jk.