Delay unit for headphones

i recently got my turntables and mixer out of storage and got them set up and i have noticed there is a delay on the output in relation to the headphones output. i cant remember there being a delay before, but i havent used them for years, maybe before i just didnt notice.

the only fix i can think of is to get a seperate delay unit and run my headphones through it so i can sync it back up.
i could also run it into my interface and delay it on the computer, then run it back out, but i have used all of my I/O. i have a patch bay, so i will need to buy cables to run to the patch bay and all the necessary gear. i will only do this if it much cheaper than the other option though.

so for now i am looking for a cheap, small delay unit. preferably with a stereo input or an unbalanced input (happy to mix L and R into one side, i only need one can anyway) and preferably with a stereo or unbalanced output. i could make cables to make this work though, but want to avoid the cost and work if possible. also, small and passive is preferable so i can just connect it and forget about it. all i need it to do is delay the sound by a given amount (it sounds like around 30ms to me).

any suggestions would help get me started. thanks everybody <3

Can you split the audio coming from the output and run one to your headphones? Something like this?

I can’t imagine that this is functioning properly, or it’d be a much more common problem with good solutions. What model turntables and mixer do you have?

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thanks for the reply.

a splitter is what my friend suggested yesterday :slight_smile: unfortunately that will mean i will lose my cue mix control, at which point i could just ditch the headphones completely and rely solely on the speaker. ideally i need to have a crossfader for the headphones and a seperate crossfader for the main output

i dont think it is functioning properly either. and im sure i would have noticed it before. i used them for about 5 years before they went into storage. i still listen to mixes i did back then and everything is beatmatched just fine, so surely the mixer would have been fine.

the mixer is a numark DXM06 and the turntables are numark TT200 (although the turntables are definitely functioning okay, the problem seems to be in the mixer. i couldnt find anything else in my searches involving that particular mixer though :frowning:

i have just been doing some extensive duckduckgoing and while doing it i remembered i had been drinking when i did my fault finding, so i am going to do it again today while sober :smiley:
the reason that worries me is because i run the audio into my computer and out again before it gets to the speakers, which will 100% definitely add latency. thats how i set up before though and the latency was not a problem. i checked this by connecting the mixer directly to a speaker and the delay was still there. however, i do not trust drunk me, so i am going to check again later.

well this is embarassing.
i just checked again, while sober, cutting out the interface and computer and, uh, yea, its fine :rofl::rofl::rofl:

so problem solved! i was jus drunk hahahaha

sorry for wasting your time, thanks for the help anyway <3

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In some audiophile circles its said that the best sounding mod for any system is liquor. Sounds like you need some more.

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Cheers, glad you got it working. Also glad I wasn’t losing my mind - I flipped through the manual for that thing trying to figure out what it might be and came up empty. Though I was missing something obvious lol

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solid advice! i will get on that! :smiley:

lol sorry for wasting your time :frowning:
i dont know what was wrong with me! :rofl: