[Deep/Old-Shool House] James Pingel - Transmaterialism EP

Hey guys, I think you’ve seen most of these songs in various forms over the past few years. I got them put together in album form earlier this year and then… well this year happened! But at long last, I’m finally putting this batch of songs out, putting them to rest, and moving on so that I can focus more on my newer material… which is a year old now. Anyways, I’ve got it up on soundcloud and bandcamp for now, it will be hitting the other streaming services and such over the next week. I’ll even be claiming my Spotify artist page for this.



I’ve also received some day-1 coverage from Acid Ted’s blog, which I’m really pumped about, and you can check that here:


I’ll update this thread as I get more services up.

Adding Spotify:



I like tracks 3 and 5.

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You know, the feedback I’ve been getting from people, track 3 keeps on coming up as a favorite - which surprises me. There was an iteration of this album for like 8 months that didn’t have that track in it, and then I kind of just threw it in at the last minute more as a throwback to some of my older songs than anything. Glad people are digging it.

Just got Spotify all sorted, did the artist profile and playlists too (that apparently helps you land in the “similar artists” category of other people).


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  1. sounds serious 2,3,4,5 - sounds kinda not serious .
    overall nice prod. nice sharp drums, nice sharp sounds. nice prod.
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Never heard of them before, I looked them up. Definitely going to be digging into them more. I’ve been digging into a lot of 80s/90s house the past few years, so that was part of the sound of the album. They come a bit after that, but seem inspired by the same stuff.

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