[Deconstructed Techno] Corridors


I am always a sucker for Autechre style broken beats and FM-synthesized soundscapes. Here is my take on it: https://delikuvveti.bandcamp.com/track/ii-3 :blush:


Nice sonic journey @delikuvveti reminds of early 70s Electronic… Silver Apples of the Moon comes to mind… but edgier. Sort of Psychedelic Industrial… if you will.

I especially enjoyed the thee distinct dialogues placed in the three extreme zones of the stereo field. Front and Center Held up up by the distant hard left and right panned, revere bed, and lower volume, response to the initial call of the center. Very effective sense of distance and a nice bit of architecture.

Thanks for sharing :sunglasses::sparkles:

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Thanks! I am always intrigued by the feeling of “distance” in soundscapes - our minds making sense of/relating sounds zipping past our ears vs. sounds coming from a distance.

Also I guess I was living under a rock not knowing about Silver Apples of the Moon. That sounds really really good.

Thank you for your thoughtful feedback, @1roomstudio !

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