Daws for Chromebook os

Yeah chrome is a new os…so any compatible daws?

The chrome os is based off of/is compatible with Linux according to my understanding

Looking at the kind of Chromebook I would want to buy (say USD 300 and under), I’m surprised to find that some of these are running an X86-64 compatible CPU (which is the same as you would be running on Windows), though they are low-spec for 4-5 years ago. So assuming you can get something like Reaper on there, I bet it could be made to run. Setting aside the issue of processing power/compatibility, you only have 32 gigs of storage to work with. Not sure how large chrome OS or a Linux distro would be, but let’s say after formatting and getting an OS you have 16 gigs left. Not a lot of room to store samples/recordings/renders, or to install software for that matter.

Though again, with Reaper, I think you can install it to a flashdrive as a portable program and run it on any compatible computer you plug it into. If you get say a 64gig flashdrive and set Reaper up to save and render directly to the flashdrive and keep all your samples/recordings on there, then you can keep a lot of that data off the limited chromebook storage. Then you just need to sort out some 3rd party VSTs (I imagine Airwindows stuff would work).

Anyways, my understanding of Chrome OS is that it does most stuff in the cloud. The idea is that you are supposed to have a google account and you can use the chromebook to log into google and move files around in your cloud drive, edit google sheets/docs, etc. And then of course it has a fully functioning web-browser. So what would work for sure is any of the cloud-based DAWs that are out there, and there are a few.

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Hmm quick googling and found out renoise is compatible with Linux as well not sure how it would run on Chrome os…

I think I read somewhere that Bitwig works with it, but now I can’t find it - it probably was just about using Chromebook with linux or running Linux-apps with some workaround… But Bitwig would be great for something like that imho because you can do a lot of crazy stuff just with The Grid and the BW modulation system.

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Just get a real computer


If you can sideload APKs on Chromebooks, that at least opens the possibility to use FL Studio Mobile, the Kaossilator app (not really a DAW, but still functional enough) and whatever else is available on Google Play. I spent last weekend sideloading a bunch of shit onto an Nvidia shield, so I’m going to guess it’s no problem for Gewgle’s own OSbook.

I used to have one of those pieces of shit (sorry if anyone here is a fan of Chromebooks) and now I regret not putting a whole bunch of stupid apps on there just because you’re not supposed to do it. And you know, making sweet tracks with the kaoss app of course.

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