Date Night Cover Art Thread: Deadline APRIL 4th


Just a reminder that each member is allowed to submit one cover and banner and that needs to be PMd to @relicsofbenwaa by 11:59PM EST on April 4th and then I’ll put them all together in a fresh thread with a poll.


I’ve gotten an official submission from Jayson, Nostromer and TvMcC. If this is in error let me know.


@relic I Cc’ed you the renders of my art submissions that I pmed obenwaakenobi


Cool, saw that, I sent you a message back. Get at me when you have time, no rush.


These dates look meaner then the other dates. Especially the date on the left looks pissed as fuck. I vote for this one.



All righty, thanks everyone for your subs. I’ll be downloading and sorting this over the next few days and there will be a new thread for voting.