Date Night Cover Art Thread: Deadline APRIL 4th


@Auto-meh-geddon, this release was kinda sorta your baby, but I don’t mind running this bit. Feel free to kick my ass if I’m over stepping.

I don’t remember how we have done things in the past and don’t care. This is how I’m going to run things unless another admin has a better idea or kicks my butt out.

Every potential artist submitting a piece of cover art can post as many ideas in this thread as they want to get feedback. PLEASE only post small versions of your ideas in this thread. is a great resource and gives you the option to resize upon upload.

Each artist must submit ONE final draft by 25 Mar. 2019 and I will set up a poll for the community to vote on the cover art. Voting will end approximately a week after the poll opens. All artists must submit TWO renditions of their piece a cover and a banner. All submissions must follow the formatting below as this is what @RFJ needs:

Cover Resolution - 1400x1400
Banner Resolution - 695x115
Format - JPEG



Awesome, thanks Relic. nice to see some resolution outlines and rules. :beers:


I was hoping that would distract from the shameless lack of commas in the OP ;p


I like that this has come back. Maybe I’m a bit old fashioned hah.

#5 is a good free online photoshop thingy


made an art thingy for consideration, fyi the source images are public domain soo… anways here

dropbox link if necessary

the heart is literaly da vinci’s drawing so…if its unaccpetable no biggie


not necessarily responding to @bfk here but just a reminder that posting in this thread is only for the purposes of getting feedback, all artists have to formally submit a single final draft (cover and banner) according to the rules in the OP by the deadline–just saying again b/c new rules : )

I like where you are going with this one though bfk, nicely on the theme : )


Oops should of read the OP my bad


No worries man, I honestly wasn’t reposting that just for you. Being a teacher, I know it is best to repeat myself even if no one asks : )


I made this one for the last time we did this, but it didn’t win top vote.


Yes m8, just curious to as if this means one name for it, or if like you collab should the names become Me&BabyBoo? Sorry poor name example.

Just curious here again about that wording. Didn’t click the link (sorry I’m a bit thick), but will that resize the image or is there a specific size we can use to share here?




banner needs work! :slightly_frowning_face:


What do you guys think :

“Date Night” or “Date Nite” ?

(could be some cool artwork / symmetry of having two four character words)


The art work thread is totally separate, I didn’t imagine people would collab on these, but this fine if so. But I guess if you did one cover by yourself and one as a collab that would be OK. You can post as many examples as you like in this thread, but when you send in the final submission I only want one per individual designer. I’m not sure I’m answering your question. Let me know.

As for the resizing, Post Image automatically resizes per your instructions on upload. I just made a note of it because an image heavy thread can sometimes be a bitch to load for people depending on their internet connection.

Btw, your art is pretty fucking twisted, I like it. haha.


It looks like she’s pouring gasoline into her chest, haha. Nice.

So me and TvMcC were thinking about doing a graphic collab, maybe for instance I’d take his design or art and letter it or tweak it. Just an idea.

In that case could we have that be independent of the 1 submission rule and allowed to be voted for?


That is fine with me. I just know some people will get really excited and do like 10 covers and that is great, but it is A LOT to vote on. When there are a ton of covers and the community really comes out to vote, there ends up being like 17 covers all with one vote. Then like 2-3 with a few votes and one of them wins by a vote and only like 5 people are happy.

I wish we could do multiple voting rounds, but that isn’t realistic IMO for a few reasons. One being attention span/energy level members are willing to commit here


I actually didn’t think about it that way - you’re totally right. Sounds good!


If anyone has any sortta concepts feel free to throw them out, or critiques, want me to change any oof what’s on that take please don’t hesitate.

As far as doin the collaboration go… seems like it might just be better to do a simple ting and this peice on my end.

If things get like @relic thinks with 17 entries, I’d prefer to help minimize that number on my part.

Thanks all


I don’t mind trying multiple voting rounds, but we have to have one picked out in time for the new Netlabel team to have time to tease the release.

@Jayson @White_Noise @metaside @nose I know you guys have a million pounds on your plate and I don’t mind continuing to run the cover art thread here, but let me/us know what we need to do for ya : )


If you wouldn’t mind keeping it running that’d be rad. Then I can just focus on making some art submissions for it :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks @relic


Also at the rate examples are being posted I don’t think we will end up with too many submissions, so go ahead I’d say. In the past a thread like this would get posted and there would be a baker’s dozen examples an hour later.