Databending thingamagig anyone?

right so i was thinking that databending could be incorporate into some beat battles or a compilation or we could do a databending competition on idmf…

just created this to see if there’s any interest

well if you win the beat battle then you get to subject us to whatever sample torture you wish

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I’d love to do this, even if it’s a side-project like the noise sample thing was. Definitely into it.

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Used to do this to fuck up images all the time, never tried incorporating it into music though

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a free hexadecimal editor i found

also databending sample thing to use

Can’t you also use this shit to mess up your PS1 games?

MTV Music Generator, here we come

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thanks for reminding me about this…I spend a few hours today figuring it out as I always wanted to try it. I was having a hell of a time until I figured out that my photo editing software (Affinity) was compressing my TIFF exports by default. Disable that and I got all kinds of glitchy goodness. Making a how-to for myself now documenting the different effects like this:

done using Audacity.

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That is awesome.

I am deeeep in the rabbit hole now. Checking out the HEX editors available, and learning how to screw with the headers of compressed jpeg images, which makes for some really quick but effective glitches

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keep us posted with any progress or info you’ve come across i am interesente in this

incorporated a databent image turned into audio…resampled with paulstretch…and resampled again into something sound designy and incorporated the resulting sound into a track

I found a smattering of blog posts on how to do this…there are some inconsistencies int he info I found so far. I do not have a blog (yet) but this would be a ripe topic for a refreshed-for-2020 post…lots of cool shit out there you can use to mess with images. Here are a few more I managed last night (with my son, who found the whole thing really cool):

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right so took the databending of an image resampled with harmor…then resampled the entire first half of the track with harmor…to turn it into an image…then photoshoped the resulting image with pixlr…put the photoshoped image back into harmor…made a pad sound with harmor using that image, added fx…and got some choirlike vocal sound out of it that appears at the 1:30 mark


This also reminded me of the spectrograph images inserted into songs like Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker and I think Nine Inch Nails did it for Year Zero

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I did some Android development glitch (databendings cousin) inadvertently with an app I created.

You can push a crummy device to the limit with code lol.

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