Databending awm anyone?


So does Anyone want to do a album writing month that focuses on incorporating databending into music?


I can’t really sign up for an album but I’d love to do some small scale experiments :+1:


For awm you can do an Album an ep or a single…


I think that more falls within circuit bending…

Databending is more deliberate file corruption and resampling that corrupted file.

Circuit bending is another potential awm that can be done down the road thanks for the idea.


That is an Awesome idea. By all means go for it. That is a creative idea.



I am not sure I could do more than a single, but I might give that a go again. I enjoyed my last venture into the databending.

As for the databending to midi…well any visual data that would go into midi would probably generate weirdness, as it is non-musical to start with. A graphic to midi converter is an interesting idea for sure! I could see more of a circuit bend idea being fun…something where you can manipulate the midi data on the way to the synth via touch contacts and light receptors and such, however the midi data is digital, so that would take come clever design to alter it with analog techniques. Hm…


The official thread is up…have fun guys.