[Dark Electronic] Digital Ghost - Effects of Isolation


Effects of Isolation was my second album ever, back when I used the moniker Digital Ghost.

It was released 10 years ago this month on Soundcloud.
In memory of this time in my life, I decided that I wanted to give the album the treatment I felt it deserved and do a remaster.

There are probably a lot of mixing decisions that could have been altered to make the album more solid (and writing, sound design, and all sorts of stuff), but I wanted to keep it essentially as it was back when I first released it. I think it is a good progress indicator, and is an honest look at my skills and mindset of the time. It is very different from my current work.

I wrote this as an attempt to process one of my lowest points in life. It is the sonic representation of my failed relationships, self-loathing, aimlessness, and existential dread.

It may not be anywhere near my best, but it will always have a special place in my heart, just like its sister album (which I am working on giving the same treatment)