[Dark Ambient / Post Industrial / IDM / Darkhop] Jazzyspoon - Noise and Noir


Free download. A collection of mostly older, post industrial or dark ambient style tracks that didn’t really fit in anywhere. These may have fit in some low budget horror/psy-fi movie that has never been made, so I thought I would put them on one collection and give it out for free. Big thanks to those who collaborated with me on some of these tracks (a few of them are from IDMf). Thanks for listening, if you get the chance.

Free download is here:


Going to give this a whirl tonight while I’m working late. :smile:


Please do. Let me know how it sounds before I throw it in to the streaming realm. :slight_smile:


So far so good, my dude. There is cohesion between them overall. It definitely has that industrial feel and some distorted low end happening in a good way. Alot of little things that I’m finding throughout and I feel like if I listened again, I hear even more.

Props bud. Good stuff.

EDIT - Probably one of my favorite things to hear are little details or things you glossed over the first time that make re-listening more fun.


Good to see your still busy!
i will give it a spin in a bit.


Thanks, guys. This is getting some good attention from some people I respect heavily, which is ironic because I thought everyone would dismiss this release. I did before putting it out on bandcamp. I considered most of these tracks throwaways or ideas that really don’t fit my current musical persona. Thanks for the listen :slight_smile:


Sounds dope, man! I like it how you go from an ambient-like mood, through IDM/glitchy stuff, to triphop-sort of thing in Whispers. A bit not coherent (From the edge does not quite sit here to my ear - but then it’s just my opinion), but still enjoyed it. Good job!


Thanks for the awesome feedback. I am a fan of your ambient album, so your feedback is well received. As far as items on this release not feeling cohesive, I totally get it but as I said, these are basically throw aways from my personal previous releases piled in one spot. A few have been on comps, including IDMf, but overall these are on this album because they didn’t fit well in any of my modern catalogs. Thanks again for the feedback. :slight_smile:


I’ll post videos as I upload them. :slight_smile:


Update: Since uploading to bandcamp last fall, this has been modified slightly, remastered, and now is available on all streaming services.


I took your feedback and not only remastered it, I also eliminated about 3 minutes of it and deleted another song in the list. Thanks for the critical ear. :slight_smile: