Dancing and music

this was literally me though when i used to frequent clubs

I went to a 90s rock night recently, I’m a dancing embarrassment.

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No one dances at parties/club nights etc any more. Or not many. It is kind of embarrassing for the scene. If people just want music to do drugs to, let us just admit it.


I assure you, most of them aren’t there even for the music, they just don’t want to do drugs alone.

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hold a cup so your hanging arms don’t look too stupid, and move from right to left

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It’s embarrassing, but if I really like a song, I make dance moves in front of my mirror.

Oh when I mix records at home it is a one man rave w lights and everything.


Electric slide

When I was like 14 I was on a cruise w my family and some drunk cougar taught me that dance.