[Dance Music] Isolation DJ Mix Project

Ok all you cool cats and kittens…

DJ InTheAM is gonna try and give you multiple DJ mixes a week. I don’t want to promise one a day because that shit ain’t going to happen. These will be all be unplanned, many multi genre (though almost exclusively four the floor). I’ve got a pretty big pool of music so I’ll try not to repeat too many tracks. There will be bumps and bruises. I’ll keep them all here because I don’t want to spam Member Releases.

So here is number two (technically) in the series…this is mostly harder stuff and I played a little more aggressively to keep the energy up. Also at one point my sleeve caught the cross fader, so I guess no more baggy long sleeves while mixing lol


New mix, really eclectic. From 70BPM to about 120BPM at the end? All kinds of styles. One of those mixes, I think, that really is a journey or a story and not just a bunch of tracks that kinda mostly sound the same.

Harder, faster, fun-er House/Tech House/Bass House