[Cyberpunk IDM] Charli XCX - 5 in the Morning (The Unreal Remixes)

Charli XCX - 5 In The Morning (The Unreal Remixes)

1 Zephyr Nova 5am Hangover Cure Mix 7:37
2 Brimstone Remix 3:54
3 Einmeier Remix 4:18
4 Anatoly Grinberg Remix 4:42
5 Pelegrim Telemetric Tremors Mix 3:38
6 2Wasted4 Westend Ghetto Remix 5:16
7 5HT2 Remix 3:52
8 Pyrococcus Remix 3:46

The Unreal Remixes is a series curated by Pyrococcus (my 2nd project).
It’s about reimagining classy pop music in free-thinking boisterous ways. Expect wicked futuristic reworks which deepen, transform and transcend the DNA of the strong songs selected for this series.

Thanks foremost to Charli for delivering this cool original song!

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