[cyberpunk] city at worlds end - megatropolis

May as well plug my 2nd and only other album in here. Mixed feelings about this but after so many years I had to release it… The tracks are really under standard accepted volumes, so it’s best blasted. I’m not sure why but I spent a long time going away from my usual breakcore/IDM roots and making something more “accessible”. I think it rendered some decent tracks, but overall a fun party throw down.

For fans of cyberpunk.


the first and last track immediately grab my attention, will give this a proper listen when I have the time, but from what I hear, those are really great sounding synths, even though im not used to wubless tracks for some reason, its smooth and listenable, felt like some of the tracks would work better with a techno 4/4 grove or a wonky hip hop grove…also some are full enough to go beatless and serve as a segway ambient peice between tracks…thats just my first impression though like I said, I will give this a proper listen when I have the time cheers.

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Lots of good stuff here. Paysage surrealiste is my favorite one - sounds really dope. The mix is sharp throughout the whole album. A few tracks seem a bit boring (especially fiberline traveller) - not much is happening and the melody does not appeal to me that much - but that’s just my opinion. Anyway - me like!

Thanks for the honest review man. I was in a pretty weird place in my life when I made this follow up. I probably scrapped like 20 b-sides… and in three months time I threw together some tracks to just finish it as a full album, that Fiberline track being one of them. i actually dislike it.

Paysage is my favorite track on that album as well. Glad you found it pleasing… the mix is good… the mastering is too quiet. Really under accepted volumes… but I hate that war.

thanks for listening bro! Looking forward to diving more into your material, loving what i’ve experienced so far. Be sure to keep me in the loop on any new doings. :slight_smile: <3

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I’m into the middle of the 2nd piece… really love this… and the first piece was magical.

Don’t know how far I’ll get tonight… but I will definitely explore this more…

Beautiful work.

Just finished Paysage… Masterful!!! :control_knobs::notes::loud_sound::fire:
I’ll be back…

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