Curious about the techniques used to create these drum samples in this track


mostly curious about the source of the warping sounds used as fills in this track, i know compression is being used, but not sure if the warping noise is a combo of automated pitchshift/timestretch/filter cutoff…or just a sampled dj scratch run through a transient shaper…


Most fills I hear in this are repeated and partly reversed drum samples, partly layered with the scratch-type sound I think you are talking about? Could be either a cut or mangled real scratch or just a timestretched, maybe a bit bitcrushed and filtered vocal sound with a downward pitchslide (I think it’s just layered, not morphed or anything). I think it’s probably taken from scratching or digitally mangling the vocal sample, I don’t think there is a lot of traditional transient shaping involved in this for the core sound. I think a flexible timestretching tool such as shaperbox (doesnt have to be flexible really, just has to do the slide right) with a fitting vocal sample could get you there without anything additional.


Ok thank you I did some experimenting and I was overthinking it…


easy peasy. you can make better and you already did.


it’s acoustic drum samples that were processed quite a bit. There’s a lot of stuff happening with filter envelopes, the sounds themselves are sliced and getting constantly rearranged in fills, some stuff is also stretched/pitched up and multi-layered, panning effects, ADSR modulation. Basically, mess with a sampler, it sounds like a similar process he did with drums. IIRC Enduser uses Renoise.


I can ask for you!


@chasedobson if you could that would be so many levels of awesome. I’m really curious about the techniques and overall processes enduser implements in his tracks…thanks it would be super helpful to know for sure the specifics.