Cult48 - some say it's BOC. No-one knows for sure

They’ve released a debut album that has everyone talking…except here it seems
It’s on the Bleep bestsellers list alongside Autechre and Aphex . It’s all very mysterious

It appears I can’t post links, but cult48 not difficult to find on Bleep, Bandcamp, Juno etc… Very surprised when I searched here and there were no results
Anyone heard this yet ??

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I listened to Catalog 1… It’s rather average/run-of-the-mill ambient/chill-out type music. Nothing to write home about IMHO.

Feels like some marketing campaign where someone just spreads rumors to cash in tbh. Musically bit similar to BOC but again, why keeping such mystery and going for bandcamp release when you have history with legit big labels. BOC wouldn’t need such marketing because they’re very established artists in such genre. People want new album because it’s been years so I guess someone decided it’s a great time to fill that gap. And nowadays it’s not too hard to copy someone’s style.

I think it’s just some label that is using this classic mysterious new artist that sound like this famous artist tactic and they did some behind the scenes marketing (“hey guys did you heard of this, it’s possible that it’s BOC because bandcamp says artist is based in UK!”) and it just picked up.

TL;DR: internet and its lies.

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I dunno but warp just put all their artists on bandcamp so there seems to be a shift to bandcamp for some reason. Future Sound of London have also just put a ton of their stuff on bandcamp also.

I think it’s great music, whoever it is, but it’s also great that bandcamp is increasingly seen as a serious platform to release on. I guess that started with Radiohead’s “In rainbows”, but now we have warps back catalogue and FSOL on there too, so it seems to be flowing in that same direction on a parallel current.

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It definitely sounds like BOC.
If it’s not their music, it is a true lack of imagination from whom has produced it. Not being rude, but from second 1, you can definitely recognise BOC. The style, the melodies … it’s all there …
Still, it’s good music though …

idm forums is just full of jaded motherfuckers who were never really into BoC anyway
if it isn’t them it’s some shameless copycat. It’s better than tomorrow harvest though.

reminds me of the anonymous compilations released on touched some years ago

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I don’t know what quantifies “into” exactly but I can say I would have never listened to BoC if it wasn’t for this forum. If BoC qualifies as “IDM” I’d rather listen to them these days than that glitchy stuff that makes my brain run in two directions lol.

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So, not caring about one band you like makes me 'jaded"?

Oh, dear.


Some interesting comments on here about cult48…


no, you’re alright
I don’t really care for boc tbh. And this whole thing about a mystery artist and rumour it might be someone famous just leaves me indifferent. I’m the jaded fuck in the sentence.

Thanks for the headsup about FSOL!

There is a new cascade2020 release on their bandcamp!

It sounds like BOC as far as samples/synths and the way it was done, but old BOC, I don’t know why they would go back to that sound, especially don’t know why they would do it under a different alias, with their fan base. But it sounds ok, whoever it is.

Kind of a repeat of Steinvord- “is it RDJ or Tom J?!”

I have to agree if it is some marketing ploy that is super lame. Haven’t we done this shit with like Burial and a few others already?

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