Criminally underrated IDM artists


Any underrated IDM artists you’d like to share?

For me it’s Loess on the n5MD label, their 2006 release Wind and Water is my favorite. I’ve been following them for years and their newest release Totem is absolutely amazing!


I feel like they’re all pretty underrated TBH. Judging by spotify at least, you’d think nobody is listening to any of it


True. Maybe all the IDM fans are still listening on vinyl for the superior sound quality?


Bot clicks…

And also i highly doubt people are dropping e and coke whilst partying to idm.

Idm isnt party music.


This guy.


I party to it! …home…alone…with headphones…after smoking the jazz cabbage. :man_shrugging:


All of N5MD’s roster is great.


Hitori Tori from Vancouver


Maybe not so underrated, however not sure if she is known in the US:

SØS Gunver Ryberg from Copenhagen, Denmark


Does Atom™ count? He has a crazy prolific output over the years with a million aliases