Creating your own music production techniques = success?

I know 8 billion ppl on the planet…nothings original technically…

But remember when skrillex burst onto the scene everyone was like how do I bass like that…

I’m not knocking learning the basics…or music composition…

All I’m saying is that music composition or music production technique on its own isnt enough…

It’s good to have a creative blend of both…

And eventually you get to a level where you have your own methods of how to fsu sound that makes another go how did they do that…

Me personally my tricks are basically a bunch of brainfarts that seem to work to create wierd sounds…like my idea to draw in wierd envelopes with maximus in that gradient parameter window…to get like a wierd transient shaper/gate glitchy type sounds… or my workaround peak controller+limiter trick to emulate idm drums…

But I’m a below average music hobbyist…so my tricks arent that great or original…they just help me translate stuff from my brain into my laptop…

But to those who dont make the experimental crap that I make…

What do you think about my axiom about being creative in regards to making up your unique music production techniques…??

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skrillex become successful because of deadmau5 . and because he is a rich boy.

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Nobody will ever tell you what can not be written.

Enough for what? Your taste?

I think i could split making music into lots of custom things like- mixing, mastering, (pattern making, sound choosing, various plugin automations, mixing- these can all be part of composition because when you are creating a composition you just take theese things into account - you adjust the composition to the different sounds characteristics, and sound design therefore influences composition), sound construction with synths, effects, pitching looping etc. , Listening, comparing, having good equipment for music, and you have also instrument playing like violin, drums…
So it would be definitly cool to have all of these things perfected but you know, just do what you like like XSantaxDurstX said.

And because i think pattern making, sound choosing, various plugin automations, sound layering, grid placing, mixing are all connected to composition and the way as a composer you want things to sound i think you would be better doing just composition instead and use those music production techniques in the fields where it benefits the composition, not that music production techniques are there for their own sake.


Extremely boring, bland music has sold millions of records.
Extremely innovative, all the way to avant-garde music has sold a handful of records.

Yes, very rarely, something “new” breaks big. Oftentimes, it’s just a continuation/appropriation of what’s been done before by artists that nobody has heard of.

So yeah, about originality…

As long as you’re within what the masses may like and you have the marketing power, you have a chance. Otherwise, playing the lottery might be a better option to make a couple $$

Edited to add: people will tell you how groundbreaking and amazing the Beatles were. Well, news at 10, they weren’t. They were the ones to probably work harder at their craft than their contemporaries, hence their (deserved) success. But it’s not like there was only one band in England playing that way at the time. The others… time forgot.


That is true, but does innovation help as well ???..
Take the dude that came up with parallel compression or n.y. compression…or the dude(s)
That had the idea to use a defective piece of hardware to create acid…

Even dblue glitch…

You can create a genre like rick snoman says

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New genre electronic jazz…
Or the electronic version of mozart.

I learned something from a relative of mine who studied at the Royal Academy of Art. His personal art consisted of what looked to me like a big blob of paint on the canvas, but if he bothered to pick up a pencil he could capture a perfect professional likeness of his subject. And he told me that everyone in his class could do exactly the same. They just didn’t do that because that was just the basic technique and skill of an artist. Now knowing that they could move on to produce some real art. NOT saying this applies to anyone but me but I try to balance learning the techniques with producing music.

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I agree with this post. Thank you for putting what I would write a wall of text about into a few concise words.

Seriously thank you so much.:grin:



but it is not an art it is music.

e.g. if you want to paint go to painting school.

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Back in the day I remember reading an article about how experimentation with an lfo…lead to creation of wubz genre… and nowadays I only speak for myself but I’ve used lfos for multiple things so…

Tl:dr experimentation with lfos.

So true… no one will ever learn (much less master) all of the techniques of music theory, composition, instruments, synthesis, production etc. etc. etc. in that sense we are all the same, in that what we don’t know far outweighs what we do know. So forget about it… study what interests you and work hard at it… you will get better.

The other thing that makes us all the same is that we all have the capacity for creativity… After all, where did all those techniques come from? Before they existed… someone got curious and “created” something new.

There is no substitute for technique… but without creativity it can’t create beauty, or emotion, much less something “new.”

One thing to keep in mind about the search for something new, or being “different.” When someone comes up with “nobody’s ever done this before!!!” Usually, it is because it was a bad idea…

This is how we get a banana taped to a wall and people arguing about whether or not it’s “Art”

Come on… really?


Agreed. Now I want a banana.

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