Converting to midi?

Does anyone know how I would go about converting a score to MIDI from Scanscore? I want to scan in some sheet music I have and then convert it to MIDI.

You can scan a sheet of music & convert it to midi !!! Never heard of that …

Sibelius will do it, so you could try exporting to that. It’s the only one I’ve used, but I’d guess most scoring software will have some kind of MIDI transcription. It works ok, but you’ll likely end up with errors you’ll need to correct.

Honestly, it’s probably faster and more accurate to just input it in a piano roll, unless you’re doing reams of sheets.

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just a thought, as Sibelius is pretty spendy iirc, you could just play it in on a midi controller into your daw in a pinch and then edit that to fine-tune. I could not do this because, well, I suck and both reading notation and playing piano. If you find a good software for doing this though please post about it…I could use something for transcribing some of the music my daughters are supposed to be learning so they can hear how it should sound.

ooooh that’s a good idea!

yeah if you use a music scanner, edit it to fix any mistakes, and export the pdf to like musescore or sibelius (as I’ve learned) then you can do it