Compression [tester wiki]

this is just a tester thread for the wiki idea.
post if you like, but this will be removed eventually.

jk, this is the HOLY jesus BIBLE of compression secrets

if anybody wants to make edits to one of these and let me know how it works that would be great. you should only be able to edit it at trust level 3 or higher, but if im wrong please let me know

^When your trust level is 3 or higher

blah blah compression is like a tiny dancer who rides your fader really really fast blah blah
…increase or decrease dynamic range blah blah. Not to be confused with file compression, where it mainly sucks.

(not an actual compressor pictured, that is a dildo on wheels)

compression compressor expander #expansion #dynamics
multiband together and endeavor #relatable #fakenews

controls the perceived volume output of the sound and adjusts the db levels accordingly to a users desire, can be used to control the dynamic range when applied to individually to each element, or to balance everything out when applied overall during mastering stage…

comedic relief…

How come the sine wave didn’t see the compressor coming? Because it had a quick attack!


Editing works. Have you spotted the Elton John reference yet?

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Dildo on wheels? That sounds like him

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added an edit and my trust level is basic user so…

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So is the only thing that differentiates a “wiki” post from others is that any user can edit the post? That is what it is looking like to me so far.

i disappear for a couple of days and my wiki goes mental :smiley:

thanks for the info. i will figure out what needs to happen to secure it to trusted users.

exactly that. it would work great for community built resources. people with high enough trust level (i will get back on how to set that) would be able to edit entries in the ‘dictionary category’ (whatever that might be called). hopefully it would be built on over time to create a comprehensive directory of definitions.
wiki posts could still be created in other categories, which would work the same way, but the idea of a section for wiki information is what is attracting me.

its possible that wikis can be disabled outside of certain categories, but i doubt its worth doing.

it seems that there should be an admin setting to set the trust level required to edit wikis.
@relic fancy checking it out? :kissing_heart:

That’d be nifty to have a wiki. :open_mouth:

did you manage to check the setting for the level required to edit a wiki?
sorry if youre busy, i know you guys are doing loads.

Sorry I dropped the ball on this. Ive seen the setting recently. I think anyone who is level 1 trust level ahould be able to edit but not create a wiki.

let me know what you need, if you want me to change something or if a few people need permissions changed on their accounts to go forward with the wiki project

i dropped the ball too XD
hopefully i will get my ass back in to gear on this and get the idea running again. i think im going to need to re-learn how it works