Complextro/brostep thread


Post and share favorite complextro artists and tracks.


Not trying to be that guy…but isn’t Complextro/Brostep/modern Electro/and Glitch Hop basically all the same thing? I remember people marketing themselves as Complextro between like 2005-2008 but it was basically just four to the floor with Brostep mid range sounds. (I had shitty day and maybe I’m just being a dick)


your probably right. :slight_smile:


I’m probably being ass, but thank you.

Continue with your thread : )


:+1: no worries.


Released just yesterday


Ok. Like …I wouldn’t probably open with something like this unless I was playing a prime time slot, but I would 1000% play this as part of a set if that’s the direction I wanted to go. right on.


Modern electro music is my favorite and David Guetta is the best music artist.


complextro is not glitch hop. brostep is neither. idk what modern electro is. if i remember right i believe complextro is similar to moombahton?


I don’t even know tbh. You are probably right. There was like a moment around 2006 when people were making 4x4 dance music w brostep mid range sounds and calling it electro but isn’t all like Drexcia or Egyptian Lover style electro.


idk- those artists are roots that goes far beyond my knowledge. to me electro was 2000-2010 i think. but i only learned about it in 2010 and by that time ellie goulding and britney spears were making radio tracks that categorized alongside those current electro songs during that time. so who knows. as far as i’m concerned bach is real dubstep