Complextro/brostep thread


Post and share favorite complextro artists and tracks.


Not trying to be that guy…but isn’t Complextro/Brostep/modern Electro/and Glitch Hop basically all the same thing? I remember people marketing themselves as Complextro between like 2005-2008 but it was basically just four to the floor with Brostep mid range sounds. (I had shitty day and maybe I’m just being a dick)


your probably right. :slight_smile:


I’m probably being ass, but thank you.

Continue with your thread : )


:+1: no worries.


Released just yesterday


Ok. Like …I wouldn’t probably open with something like this unless I was playing a prime time slot, but I would 1000% play this as part of a set if that’s the direction I wanted to go. right on.


Modern electro music is my favorite and David Guetta is the best music artist.