Community Sourced DJ Mix

Hey ya’ll

I’d like to do a DJ mix with only member tracks. I’m going to cowboy up and not really put any restrictions on what original music you post here for me to download but I think I’d like to do something that is mostly uplifting, happy, uptempo. I’ll do my best to include all tracks submitted but I can’t make any promises. I’d say I need a solid dozen songs to make it worth it. To be absolutely clear: member originals only please and ideally I need a 320 MP3, I usually don’t mix .wavs but that is also OK.

Additionally, DM me download links if you don’t want them public ;p


I take it these can idmf released stuffs too?

Yea doesn’t matter as long as its yours and you have permission to give it to me.

If i render the instrumental version of a previously made track w/o percussion…would you accept that?

Sure! I don’t mind percussion-less, that doesn’t make it harder to mix : ) Maybe I’ll even try to get fancy and add my own percussion live.


Awesome. Will send a percussionless song your way soon.


I’m also open to unofficial bootlegs of songs that anyone has worked on or covers but maybe DM me those links instead of a public post.

I guess the last question I have would be unmastered stuff, as long as it’s loud enough, decent mix?

Does this kind of happy count?

if it’s ok, i’ll DM you the download link.

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Basically yes. I can adjust volume from my DJ mixer. If I can’t get something to work b/c of quality or volume I’ll just have to ditch it.

Yea, I’d defo play that. The mix is likely to pretty eclectic.

I can link something else or even turn this MP3 320(not entirely sure how to do that without getting BC to but I asked Jazzy and him and myself are fine if you wanted to use Collective Dissonance for you mix. It has some off beat stuffs and vocally things, outside of the percussion bits. =D

let me know and I’ll attempt to get the mp3 you rec, outside of linking the track.

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Its cool. This’ll be fine. Thanks

If I still have some drum/perc stuff individual to the rest, I can try to link as well. If need-be. Curious to see how it goes.

I may even link something separately to see how you go, whether used or not. =D

Can’t wait to hear the madness you come up with, with the simply idea or IDMF50 as the foreground. =D

Well, I’ve got two tracks so far which doesn’t make for much of a DJ mix, but IDMf is generally slow about this kind of thing.

Any genre/BPM preferences? How many submission per artist would you like? ^^

Good questions.

I already have a 300 something BPM submission and two widely different genres. For now I’d like people to keep their submissions to like 2-3? I defo want enough tracks to make this worth doing but my ideal would be to have one really good track per member in a final mix. Part of the attraction for me is the challenge of representing all what IDMf does artfully combined into a cohesive mix.

I do one genre mixes where the BPM varies only a few BPM all the time : )


Thanks for doing this. Cheers.

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NP! Don’t give me too much credit, I’m bored and it might end up being shit lol. Hoping to get enough tracks, don’t be shy people! I don’t need to list you in the track listing if you want to be anonymous.

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I’ll get something to you in about a day

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