Colonel Sanders Plays Ultra Music Fest Main Stage


So KFC bought a spot on the main stage at Ultra and this happened. Frankly, I’m not appalled nor am I shocked. The mega festival scene is becoming a parody of itself and imploding before our eyes and I think its glorious.


That guy wouldn’t be there if he wasn’t like really finger-licking good! I heard he started out with two chickens as sound sources on a farm somewhere. ^^


Because when I’m dancing for hours in the Miami heat, there’s nothing I want more than a big grease-soaked container of fried chicken. Way to spend those advertising dollars, Yum.

Honestly, I felt bad for the MC…he was really trying not to choke on his own tongue during the hype.


Haha, can you imagine? Cocaine + KFC is a trip to a festival porta john I never wanna make…you would literally shit your soul.


This thread is glorious

The track has like 20 drops so you know its finger licking good


that stage is fuckin’ insane

and what is on that stage is fuckin’ insane

the things happening in mainstream EDM just keep getting more and more bizarre. Pretty funny shit, though.


I love how it’s like 2 in the afternoon and the crowd doesn’t give a crap. That’s like the equivalent of the 2 AM tv ad spot, the ones they give away to the girl scouts and stuff. It’s right where KFC belongs, so at least they’re playing to the right audience in this weird marketing stunt.


Oof. 2pm is a rough slot. I don’t know how early slots start at Ultra but that’s likely one of the first few.


this is what big budget overly hyped EDM deserves.

to be recognized as the joke that it is.


Anyone offended by this doesn’t really love dance music imo. Its Ultra first off lol