Club and party subcultures, event scenes and freelancers during and after Covid

Hey everybody,

I know the pandemic must be very hard on most people, but freelancers in the cultural context have been hitting extremely hard in economic and general livelihood terms.

I translated an interview a friend of mine was giving recently. He has been a freelancing event manager for a long time and is really struggling now under the changing and evolving lockdown rules that make it hard to plan ahead especially as a freelancer.

Please share your experiences, fears, hopes, and, of course, any help and information you might be able to provide for people involved.

Courtesy of – the magazine gave him permission to translate and post the interview. Translation was done by Google translate, I fixed some parts:

[Edit: at first I wrote “pandemix” which would be an awesome Asterix character, fighting the Romans with the flu or something like that…]

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Daft punk is good though.

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