Cloudbeats - Play Music from your Dropbox


I found a VERY handy app over the weekend and thought I’d share it with the community in case there’s anyone else, who like me, has a pile of music stashed on their dropbox and has always wished for a way to be able to easily stream the music on their mobile without having to download everything locally to the phone and play it through a music app.

Cloudbeat is available for Android and IOS mobile apps.
Now, it has its bugs, don’t get me wrong. I’ve had it stop randomly a couple of times, and it doesn’t support landscape mode (on Android at least), but overall it’s pretty easy to use and it at least gets me the ability to stream a dropbox folder of music without having to fuss with anything (after you set it up, of course…which is pretty easy).


Tagging the team because this is handy for stuff…
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They need this for Google Drive too and then I’ll be set