Classical literature rewritten as dumb social media posts


Post your rewritings of classical literature as dumb social media posts…

moby dick…

Bro 4 real imma fukin harpoon that bitch ass whale…constantly swimming around thinkin he be owning the fukin sea…i run this shit…imma fukin captain…

Pride and prejudice…

Omg got a tinder date with that famous guy.
Gurl im jelly
You go sis

War and peace…

Yo its fukin russia and its fukin cold…
I know right
Yo did you hear about the revolution
Nah whats going down
Idk stay away from that
I heard about it but im too busy gettin laid to
be involved
Idk im sort of seeing somebody but also i
have responsibilities to the country.
Lol yeah everybodys a hypocrite fuk it im
Second thought nvm im too busy its
all a farce imma just gonna focus on



I don’t think I’d be able to make my own, but sometimes I make Poe (dumb AI shit) recite things back to me like it’s a pirate (or worse), so I’m going to bet that it could do something like this. And I want to try it.

Although, I’m a bit retarded when it comes to classical literature (especially fiction, which never makes any sense to me), so maybe in the process I’d actually understand it a little better. lol