[Chiptune] BITVORTEX - Some Tunes

Hello again! Time for my second EP, this time entirely made on 1 Game Boy.

From the bandcamp description:
‘Some Tunes’ is aiming to be more of a “pure” chiptune EP, made using only 1xLSDJ cartridge and an old brick Game Boy. All effects, track pans, fades and delays (except a small reverb) is handeld by the Game Boy itself.

Due to the limitations of the Game Boy, you are hearing a maximum of 4 sounds/tones/notes at the same time, of which 1 is only modulated noise. No samples (or LSDJ “kits”) where used to create this EP. Also, when it comes to track panning it’s 100% left/center/right.

I recommend listening in headphones or stereo speakers for best experience!

– Extra production information –

LSDJ Version: 6.8.2
DMG Mods: ProSound (Bypassed internal amp, original 3.5mm jack)

LSDJ programming / recording layout:

  • Channel 1 (Pulse): Main melody, solos.
  • Channel 2 (Pulse): Rhythm, backing melody.
  • Channel 3 (Wave): Kick drum, bass.
  • Channel 4 (Noise): Snare drum, hi-hats, cymbals, sweeps.

Each channel is recorded on separate tracks, mixed and mastered in Ableton Live 8.

5 Tracks, total time 18 minutes. It’s not too long. Have a listen :slight_smile:

I hope you enjoy it! :metal:

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