[Chiptune/Bitpop] Bitvortex - Riot.Exe (9 track EP - released 20/07/19)


I know this forum is primarily for IDM, but it’s the only music forum I visit regularly so I will post this here anyway! :slight_smile:

I released my first EP under the project BITVORTEX today! From the bandcamp description:
“It was first created entirely with an old brick gameboy, to be buffed up with the help of other digital and analog synthesizers. It’s a mix of classic chiptuning and hard electronic music. Together they form a raw and agressive sound with focus on the retro style sound heard in the old video games we all love dearly!”

Example songs:



So have a listen if you will!

Oh, and if you like it and want to buy it, you guys get a 50% discount until 01/01/2020 if you use the code “idmf”, although my music will always be avalible for free on soundcloud or other streaming services!


Primarily IDM? Now days you should be lucky to run across it. I remember stu being proud of his site being 1st listed under a google search of “electronic dance music forum”. That was before the 1st data purge where the oldest archived threads disappeared.

Anyway, some good sounding tunes you have here. Maybe a bit too densely compressed for me but your RIOT has a great beat. I’ll check some more out when I can.


god i love chiptune. so refreshing and pink cloudy. keep em comin!!:beers: