[Chillwave] Cardinal Roy - Coastal Drive

Polished up one of the first tracks I’ve ever made in preparation for my chillwave/lofi album, let me know what ya’ll think. Used native FL studio synths for all the instruments

edit: just realized the body of the snare disappears a bit in the chorus, gonna fix that and re-upload this
edit: re-uploaded

Really nice and chill bro, good vibes all around. I quite like it!

Not much critique from me, good progressions. The bass is really neato.

Thanks for sharing dude! <3

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thanks bro!

Really chilled stuff, nice chords and melody! only thing that might be improved a bit imho is just the sound of it - it’s completely fine as it is, but with some more use of EQing (separating those main synths a bit from each other and maybe shaping the beat a bit), panning and maybe soft reverb and delay i think it could shine even more with a cleaner and fuller sound - but it sounds perfect for the chillwave/lo-fi target!

thanks for the feedback! it definitely could be cleaner, this was the first track I made when I started music production and I went back to re-master it, realized there was reverb on every track and on the violins there was soundgoodizer maxed out lol. it gives it that drowned out sound, but makes the it very compressed. not sure how to achieve the same effect without it so I kept it on :upside_down_face: oh well

Melodically this is really nice! Agree the synths could be separated out a little more and I might go for a warmer mix. Really like it as the bass line comes to the fore around 2 mins onwards.

An enjoyable few minutes!