Challenge 8 electronica big beat breakbeat


Make tracks like

The prodigy
Fatboy slim
Junkie xxl
The chemical brothers


I’m in.


Fuck yeah, I’ll play


I’m still in, doing genre research and coming up with a gameplan right now. I have enough obscure 70s/80s japanese CDs that I should be able to get something interesting…


Ooohh, I liked this one. Very chill.


Mine is now in progress. I did some sampling last week, then a bunch of IRL stuff came up. I came back to a good brass stab and a reasonably chopped breakbeat from my japanese CD collection. IDK what I’m going to do for a vocal hook, that seems like a key element of the genre, but nothing is screaming at me to use it yet. Actually maybe there is one, but IDK if I can get it in key or not.

I got lucky that the brass stab I’m using is actually just a Cmaj triad, so everything is in key without having to offset stuff. Using some 90s rompler patches to keep things in period.


i did a thing for this here