Challenge #4: dubstep without lfos? July 17th deadline


I guess being that relic is no longer with idmf…i guess when one challenge finishes another person can start another challenge…if they want or have an idea…for one

So here is the challenge #4: dubstep without using lfos.

Get creative with the bass…

Dont use lfos…to wub…

use envelopes and somewhat random filter automations as an alternative…to wub the bass

It is possible because seamlessr and others do this…sometimes…

Basically you can create a bunch of bass sequences and splice them together…to play in conjuction with a beat.

Just post the track in this thread…when finished…

Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:

Deadline julyish…


Damn, this sounds like a good one. I’m in


Also, Relic is gone? That sucks :open_mouth:


Hes not gone gone…but he has real life stuff going on…life changes…i wish him the best, hope he pops once in a blue moon to say hes alive and is ok.

But yeah he will be a lot less active on the forum…though


Easy, I’m just gonna do pre-skrillex dub.


here is my track cheers.


Hows july 17th for deadline?


haha what about an arppegiator?


If you could pull it off…go for it.


Keytracking and arping is a seriously good idea, especially if you can disengage the pitch from the actual notes. I was thinking of some cool workarounds for this as well:

  • Step sequencer modulation with (or without) slew limiting
  • MSEG (especially if it loops, it’s basically an LFO)
  • Using a HFO / VCO (if they’re allowed, maybe that’s cheating)
  • Clocked and synced envelope generator or function generator
  • Slew-limited S&H (random, but potentially wubby)
  • Slew MIDI notes, where MIDI has no effect on the actual pitch but simply modulates instead (keytrack)
  • Synced delay line of multiple EGs, FGs or MSEGs that trigger in a round-robin sequence
  • Envelope follow anything, even internet radio could work (PB’s Radio plugin is hilarious for this)
  • Clocked EG triggers where every other envelope is inverted (heh, makeshift LFO?)
  • Record a DC source which you move around by hand

I know most of these are modular, but most DAWs have modular capabilities now as well. Ableton, Bitwig and probably even FL Studio could handle all of these (and if not, there’s Cardinal!)

Basic idea with the sequencer example. It’s basically just an LFO now


Just reese bass and done. Let the detune of oscillators do the work for you.


I sidechained the bass to the kick and snare then I automated the adsr of the limiters sidechain…then filter and volume automations with fls love philtet then after that i automated switching between gross beat sequences and then eq and another limiter to control unwanted peaks.

And xy mapping to switch between bass patches within a patch and of course phase modulation and fm modulation with some envelope sequences controlling volume and filter parameters within sytrus…



6 days left…


Combine the arpeggiation with modulating the adsr of the envelope.


Mine is going to be a bit short, but it’s starting to come together. Less of a song and more of just a drop.


5 days left.


man i’ve been struggling to find many dubstep tunes to inspire me. i’ve been looking for more minimalist, straighforward kinda vibe, i guess i’m still stuck in the techno mindset.


I don’t think any of us are gonna call you out if the steps aren’t dub enough.

That drop I’ve been working on? I’d give it about a 2/10. There’s no airhorn, no bass voice introducing the drop, not even a good drum fill, I’m just slapping distortion on everything and ducking it to the kick and I’m gonna hope for the best. It’s rendering now, going to see if any issues I wasn’t aware of jump out at me and give it the quickest of masters and get it up in the next day or two.


ah yeah, that wasn’t my worry. i have a decent idea what i wanna do and it will likely stray a little bit from the classic sound, i just wasn’t finding good inspiration fodder to listen to in that vein.

I’ve been listening to a bit of this dude though:


Yo this song sounds like cold lemonade on a hot summer day