Can't load my EP to "Members Releases"


Hi everyone, I wanted to load my EP to the forum, but can’t, “new topic” button is dark. Why?


Likely it has something to do with either being a new member or not reaching some kind of condition that lets you start a topic and promote an album there.

Usually a little more community engagement and / or time will sort that out quickly


Same realized I have to be active as new member to post there, but even in projects forums I can’t even put a link, why is that so?


IIRC (unless the admins changed something) it’s a certain amount of posts to prevent spam. A little bit of community engagement seems to offset that, or you could always try messaging a mod / admin since it’s just a means of preventing blatant spam from taking over


I got a pm from a mod/admin and gave me permission to post on Member Releases, I posted my latest release there if you’re curious. And post other of my 3 projects works there.