Can we talk about KOAN sound please?

just listening to their newest album Polychrome again for the first time in a while, and god damn these guys have the tightest, most unique production in the game rn. They seamlessly blend so many genres but it never feels gimmicky or cheap. Their live show which i had the pleasure of seeing last year is also insane.

I remember watching a reason tutorial years ago and he said something like “a lot of people asking me how to sound like KOAN sound, trust me, if I knew how to make their sound i wouldn’t be making my living making fucking youtube tutorials”

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I remember them from their dubstep phase, that was a fun time. Will revisit

After skimming, this still sounds pretty close to what I remember. They still have that super dialed-in sound happening, whereas I thought they would’ve gone with more of a future house (crap, imo) type of vibe.

I admire this type of consistency and design a lot, even though I’m the last person to listen to this type of electronic. I’m actually kind of glad to see they’re still at it, too.


I was always a fan of them back when Dubstep was hot.